Own Rental Properties? What To Do When There's Been An Unattended Death In One Of Your Homes


If you've discovered that a tenant has passed away in one of your rental properties, you need to take immediate action. If you've never encountered this type of experience before, you may not know what to do. Before you make a mistake, read the information provided below. Here are three steps you need to take right away.  Call the Police If there's been an unattended death in one of your rental properties, the first thing you need to do is call the police.

15 September 2020

Home Restoration After A Fire Leaves Behind Water Damage


Going through a house fire is not only for homeowners when it happens while they are home, but it often leaves behind a lot of damage. Even if the fire is able to be extinguished before it burns a lot of things to ashes, the water that was used to put it out can also cause damage. For example, if a kitchen goes up in flames and the fire department is able to put it out fast, numerous gallons of water can still be left throughout the house.

20 March 2020