Home Restoration After A Fire Leaves Behind Water Damage


Going through a house fire is not only for homeowners when it happens while they are home, but it often leaves behind a lot of damage. Even if the fire is able to be extinguished before it burns a lot of things to ashes, the water that was used to put it out can also cause damage. For example, if a kitchen goes up in flames and the fire department is able to put it out fast, numerous gallons of water can still be left throughout the house. Depending on how much damage the fire caused, it is possible that the water can be the largest issue to recover from. You should actually act as fast as possible to take care of the water in your house, which is usually best handled by restoration companies.

Fire & Water Damage Assessment

As a water damage restoration company begins to help with your house, an assessment of the damage is necessary. Being that the water damage is due to a fire, the room that caught fire will be assessed, as restoration can involve more than just taking care of the excess water. For instance, if the kitchen cabinets were charred in the fire, they might be assessed so repairs can be made. Just keep in mind that not all restoration companies will handle both the fire and water damage in such a situation, so you must ask questions before hiring someone.

Drying Out Each of the Affected Rooms

An important task that a water damage restoration company will handle is ensuring that your house is dried out in a hurry. The point of speed drying is to reduce the risk of mold accumulating in the house. Fortunately, water that is sitting around can be removed via pumps, while fans can be used to dry everything out. The fans are actually larger and designed for commercial use, which means they produce a lot more air than a regular fan. If there are large amounts of water on the outside of your house, it can be pumped up as well in an effort to protect the landscape.

Assistance from Your Insurance Provider

Due to the water damage in your house being caused by a fire being put out rather than a flood, it is possible that your insurance provider will cover all or a portion of the expenses. Water damage from actual floods is usually covered under a separate policy. You don't have to waste any of your time filing a claim, as a water damage restoration company can start the process for you. If you are unsure as to whether the situation with your house is covered under your insurance policy, ask your provider before any restoration services are performed.

To learn more about water damage restoration, reach out to a damage contractor near you.


20 March 2020

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