3 Questions To Ask A Water Damage Restoration Expert During An Inspection


You are fairly certain your home has sustained some form of water damage, so your next logical step is to bring in some expert advice. Most homeowners who end up in this predicament will reach out to their local water damage restoration services for an inspection of the damage. Because water damage can be such an unpredictable situation, it is best to ask a lot of questions during the visit so you know exactly what kind of repairs and costs you will be facing with the restoration project. Here are three good questions you should make sure you ask a water damage restoration expert during a home inspection. 

Is mold something you should be concerned about?

Mold is one of the ugliest four-letter words in a homeowner's vocabulary, and if there is any slight chance that mold development is a problem then you will need to know about it. Therefore, make sure you ask if mold development is something you should be concerned about until the restoration project can begin. In most cases, if you caught the water damage early on then the restoration technicians will be able to eliminate the moisture before mold becomes an issue. However, if the water damage has sat idle for a while, mold spores could be present and this will change everything about how the restoration project takes place. 

How many rooms have been affected by the water damage?

Knowing precisely how far the water damage spreads through the house will help you anticipate the duration of the project. If water damage is only present in one room, for example, you may only be facing a day or two of restoration work. During the inspection, the technician will be assessing every part of the house for signs of water damage, so they should be able to provide you with a detailed rundown of which rooms are affected. 

Will you have to leave your home during the project?

If water damage is localized in one area, you may not have to vacate while the restoration is underway. However, in some situations it is best if you and your household members are not in the house when the work occurs. Sometimes water damage restoration involves everything from removing floors and walls to taking out electrical components. Find out what you should plan on doing during the project so you can get packed and make alternative living arrangements if necessary. 


22 June 2018

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