5 Steps To Take After Detecting Water Damage


Water damage is a horrible prospect for any homeowner. If you happen to have water damage, you need to act quickly and properly in order to prevent any damage that has already occurred from getting worse.

Remove Water As Soon As Possible

As soon as you discover that there is water on your carpets, it is time to start removing the water as best as possible. You will need to rent a wet/dry vacuum (or if you already own one, bust it on out) in order to get rid of the majority of the standing water on your carpet. Any company that specializes in the removal of smoke and water damage should have one ready for rental. These machines are relatively inexpensive for a one-day rental and will serve as your best friend throughout the cleanup.

Use Fans

As soon as you have removed as much as the standing of water as possible, begin to dry out the area. Drying an area can be a bit of a hassle during this period of time; luckily, fans will improve the process. Even with the use of fans to dry the carpet, it should be noted that this can take upwards of 2 days. Still, fans serve a good purpose by making sure that air is adequately circulated throughout the room (and in some cases, the entirety of the house). It should be noted that you should keep the fans running 24 hours, as the drying of the carpet will take a considerable amount of time. Heavy duty, high-speed fans can generally be rented from the same places that offer wet/dry vacs.

Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will definitively prevent any mold that is making its presence on the carpet or underneath it, or even among your walls, from growing further. One of the things that mold needs to grow is moisture, and all of the presence of the moisture in that room will make the conditions ideal for mold growth. It is important that you dehumidify the room before getting rid of the carpet; if you wait until after, the growth may have already started and could have made its way under the baseboards of your house. This can serve to provide you with additional headache material in the future.

Remove Carpet If Necessary

If you have used your wet/dry vac, fans and dehumidifier and your carpet is still wet, you will most likely have to remove the carpet and have new carpet installed.

First, make sure that the carpet is adequately dry. As soon as it is, grab an x-acto knife. Using an x-acto knife, cut along the edges of the carpet bordering the molding and walls of the room.

From here, you will want to cut the rest of the carpet into squares. The size of the squares does not need to be perfect, but you will want them small enough so that they will be easy enough to remove, yet large enough so this process will not take a staggering amount of time. 

When lifting up the squares of carpet, you may want to use the x-acto knife to remove the adhesive from the baseboard to the carpet, although this is not always necessary.

Sanitize Walls and Baseboards

After successful removal of the carpet, you will want to sanitize the walls and baseboards. This can be accomplished easily with the use of a bit of dish soap and water. Make sure that you adequately rinse and dry both the walls and baseboards after cleaning them so as to not leave any moisture behind.

Water damage is traumatizing, but it doesn't have to ruin your home completely. Take these steps after discovering water damage in order to preserve as much of your home as possible. If your water damage is extreme, you might want to call in a water damage clean-up professional to help you deal with the situation. Visit a site like http://www.waterdamage702.com to learn more about water damage repair and restoration.


31 August 2015

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